Kaiju Video Games: DINO REX (1992)

Genre: 1-on-1 Fighting Players: 1-2 Release Date: 1992 Platform: Arcade, PS2 (Japan only) Director: Takatsuna Senba Developer: Taito Publisher: Taito In 1990, game designer Takatsuna Senba led a team to create a vertical shooting game called Gun Frontier for Taito. This was Senba’s first crack at designing and producing simultaneously, as he had previously worked […]

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Kaiju Video Game News Roundup

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted (work, life, COVID, etc) but with a piece of news for Dawn of the Monsters I thought I’d share the love since we’ve got plenty of news about other kaiju games as well! And, rest assured, I do have other articles on the back-burner. 😉 WayForward […]

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Tokusatsu Artist/Video Game Artist

I tend to use this blog to highlight kaiju/tokusatsu-focused video games in an attempt to showcase the strong variety and quality of kaiju/tokusatsu content out there in the interactive space. I aim to showcase the connection between the video game and tokusatsu worlds and how strong it can sometimes be. And one of the best […]

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Ten Games of the Decade

The 2010s were a really important for me as it was the decade where I changed from game player to game maker. Smack dab in the middle of the 2010s I made the switch, after being somewhat fed up with the games I was seeing and a desire to make my own. I don’t really […]

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