King Kong Video Games – Part 1

Despite being an enduring pop culture icon for almost 90 years, King Kong’s appearances in the virtual world are somewhat limited when compared to his monster cohort like Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman. Despite this, his impact on the games medium is about as big as a 50 foot gorilla. Lets take a look at King […]

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Kaiju Video Games – Primal Rage

Genre: Fighting Players: 1-2 Release Date: 1994 Platform: Arcade, many others (see below) Director: Jason Leong & Pete Kleinow Developer: Atari Games Publisher: Atari Games In the early 1990s, Atari Games was trying to come up with a fighting game to capitalize on the success of Street Fighter II. Not to be confused with Atari […]

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Kaiju Video Games: DINO REX (1992)

Genre: 1-on-1 Fighting Players: 1-2 Release Date: 1992 Platform: Arcade, PS2 (Japan only) Director: Takatsuna Senba Developer: Taito Publisher: Taito In 1990, game designer Takatsuna Senba led a team to create a vertical shooting game called Gun Frontier for Taito. This was Senba’s first crack at designing and producing simultaneously, as he had previously worked […]

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Kaiju Video Game News Roundup

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted (work, life, COVID, etc) but with a piece of news for Dawn of the Monsters I thought I’d share the love since we’ve got plenty of news about other kaiju games as well! And, rest assured, I do have other articles on the back-burner. 😉 WayForward […]

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